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#1: Poison Arrow is Currently Recruiting! Author: RynoiaLocation: South Carolina PostPosted: Sat Jan 24, 2009 11:27 am
Poison Arrow is currently recruiting 1 Disc Priest and 1 Holy Paladin. We are looking for people who have a fundamental understanding of their class (gear/enchants/gems/spec) and are experienced with ToC/ICC and ready to progress in ICC.

We expect our raiders to come prepared to raid, meaning you are on time for the raid with all the necessary reagents/flasks/potions etc. We use vent and do require that you use it (no mic is ok). Mods like BigWigs/DBM/Omen etc are also helpful but not required.

In addition to being prepared we do expect our raiders to be respectful of the raid leaders and be able to follow direction.

Once your application is posted we will take 1-2 days to look it over and will contact you with our decision.

**Raid Schedule:**

We raid 25's on Saturday's and Sunday's from 6:45pm EST - 11:00PM EST
We raid 10's during the week (days may change based on schedules)

We only raid the 25's on the weekends so if you can't make these raid times this is probably not the guild for you.

***If you are interested in applying to join the guild please follow the instructions below:***

Please create a new post in this forum and use the Application template below:

Age :

Time Zone:

Character Name:


Why do you want to join Poison Arrow? Do you know anyone in Poison Arrow that would be willing to sponsor you?

Specific Character Questions:

Spec: ?/?/?

Armory link:

Please tell us why you chose your spec? If you are not currently raid specced please provide a link for the spec that you will use for raiding.

Are you willing to respec if it is needed?

Would you have an issue making it to Saturday and Sunday raids? These are our 25 man days and run from 6:45 server time to 11:00 server time (EST)

Do you have an issue with using raid mods such as Deadly Boss Mods (DBM)?

To date, what is your raiding experience in World of Warcraft? Have you ever raided filling a different role than your current main does (DPS, Tank, Heals?)?

List the previous guilds you were in and why you left.

Do you have ventrilo? If no, please explain why.

Are you willing to do minor boss research via how-to videos and/or writen strat guides?

Finally, do you consider yourself easily offended, be it by words or actions?

Any OTHER information you wish with share to us.

Thank You for applying to Poison Arrow. Please triple check your application for errors before submitting.

Thank you for your interest in Poison Arrow!

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